Saner, Dem 189, Breze for the Festival Cheminance Fleury-les-Aubrais



Here are some pictures of new murals from Saner, Dem 189, and Breze for the Festival Cheminance in the city of Fleury-les-Aubrais. Saner’s mural titled “The Conquest of the New World by the Spanish Conquistadors” is a powerful mural of a native Symbolic Aztec embraced in a kiss with a Spanish Conquistador who is stabbing the Aztec in the back. It is great to see artists such as Saner take on subject matter such as history and paint it in a contemporary setting. The 2nd piece by Dem 189′s “L’Orient Express” showcases the talent of Dem to create a stirring image with letter form and representational elements. The Last piece by Breze titled “L’Inde, des maharadjas à Bollywood” is painted in a more traditional graffiti style with some new elements and characters. There are 7 other walls from the festival that you can look out for later. All around a…

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