Porque eles vêm do Land Down Under

The Fashion Medley

sydney-fashion-week-2013-33_17394187653image005Outfit-60aWhere women glow and men plunder. (If you are not singing the song in your head right now, you are dismissed.)

Anyways it’s so late and cold here I don’t want to talk about the situation anymore. Aussies (and non Aussies who are at Sydney Fashion Week) are killing it. I’ve stated my interest in Australian fashion in various previous posts; I think they are the pioneer of the emerging fashion markets – talented designers & everybody beeing so tall and beautiful and cool and all (no I’m not jealous) makes it one of my favourite events of the year. I really want to visit Australia some time so maybe I should schedule it around April. I know it’s like 34646387 hours away from here, but it’s worth just to feel the sun and pretend to do surfing for a living, no?

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