“Querida, você gasta demais.”

Queen Bee of Beverly Hills: Instant Access Designer Fashion Trends in Luxury Handbags & Accessories


Sometimes, we get the “you spend too much, honey.” We’ll we are here to give you a few justified responses.


#1. He says that you buy way too many new shoes.

Justified response: Babe, I have ALWAYS had these shoes…. do you not ever notice what I wear?


#2. He says that you spend too much on handbags.

Justified response: I’m just stimlulating the enonomy. Kind of like you did with that brand new golf set of yours.


#3. He says you have entirely too many clothes.

Justified response: So, I’m just assuming that it would make YOU happy if I went grocery shopping naked, huh?


#4. He says you shop all the time.

Justified response: What do you expect me to do when your out golfing?… with your new golf set?



Queen Bee



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