Spring Uncensored


The following photos include some of the best published on Trend Nerd, thus far. You see, you’re very fortunate to get an unprecedented look at Josh’s unpublished images from the cover and story shoot for the latest issue of Trend Nerd Magazine. With that said, I’m inviting you to invade my life at moments, which I’m not necessarily ready for the camera.

Since spring is finally here, we decided to evacuate the Boston Common for the sake of this spread, a picturesque park packed with a frog pond, rainbow, statues, botanicals and street vendors stocked on t-shirts printed with Bostonian slang for wannabe “Wicked Pissahs, Massholes and Chowdaheads.” Although this might be immature, I can’t help but laugh at how much pride select Bostonians take in trademarking those quoted nicknames. Surrounding these ‘wicked’ attractions, leaders who battled at the forefront of the American Revolution like Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and…

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