Marikana News Analysis


This news analysis focuses on the Marikana strikes that occurred from the tenth to the twentieth of August last year. The strike was at the Lonmin Marikana mines. During the course of the strike, 34 people were killed and 78 were injured, the majority of the deaths occurring on the sixteenth of August when police opened fire on the striking miners. The cause of the strike was the miners’ request for higher wages. Some believe the violence escalated due to rivalry between two miners’ unions, NUM and AMCU. The three articles chosen best cover the Marikana story from all possible angles. The first highlights the social injustices encountered during and in the aftermath of Marikana. The second gives salience to political issues brought forward by Marikana and the last emphasises the effect Marikana has had on the South African economy.
The first article is from Daily Maverick ( a South…

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