Last Post EVER!


With my deepest gratitude, I’d love to thank everyone who’s followed me the last while. Unfortunately, I regret to inform you this is my last post ever! Between my academic, professional and social life, juggling my blog has become insurmountable in the midst of an effort to focus on my priorities. While I’m always creating compelling content, I’m tired of chasing the inevitable because the internet seriously doesn’t need any more blogs and I’ve had enough. Hence, I’ve hired another style savvy writer to take reign over Trend Nerd. She’s loyal and loving, plus she has flair for luxury (continued below photo).

Did you actually think I was leaving, eh? APRIL FOOLS!

Okay this might be the cheesiest scheme EVER but I convinced you to believe this was potentially my last post and that I’d disappear from the blogosphere permanently, which is definitely NOT the case! You see, as someone…

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