De Date Night Brunch de Páscoa: Exatamente o que vestir este fim de semana

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The weekend is almost here, and we couldn’t be more excited. Why, you ask? Because we’ve got three great outfits planned: a simply sexy look for Saturday night, a pretty and prim skirt suit for Easter brunch with the grandparents and a Monday morning work outfit that will put you on the top of the promotion list.

Khloe Kardashian shoes

Saturday night: Here’s what we really love about Khloé Kardashian‘s outfit: You can put this together with zero thought and still make maximum impact. The secret? It’s all in the shoes. Toss on a V-neck tee and your favorite black jeans, then slip on the highest, sexiest heels in your closet (and if you need a pair, this gorgeous Michael Michael Kors style is on sale for $100). All you have to do next is brace for the stares you’ll get strutting by.

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