Three Cute Ways to Grow Out Your Bangs, Courtesy of Krysten Ritter

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Krysten Ritter bangs
Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto; Splash News Online (2)

Krysten Ritter is currently experiencing what any girl who’s ever had bangs knows well: The dreaded growing-out phase. But far from having flyaways and cowlicks, she’s looking adorable while letting her former blunt fringe get long.

So we thought we’d acknowledge that feat by offering up photo inspiration for any girls sick of their bangs, but wary of that awkward mid-length.

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First up, she twists the bangs back into a modified pouf, sweeping all the rest back into a casual side braid. Next, she does a deep side part, bobby-pinning the bangs by her ears and combing the rest of her hair in front of the pins. Lastly, she lets her hair go a little messy, then separates the front pieces and works them into either side of a ponytail for a flirty look.


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